What’s HAP-pening in New York City? The Scoop on Hap Ventures’ Real Estate Crowdfunding platform, StraightUp

March 23, 2018
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March 23, 2018 DCT Capital Fund

That’s right HAP Ventures, a successful real estate development company that offers commercial and residential properties nationally and internationally, has created a new real estate crowdfunding platform, which will start by offering investment opportunities in New York City properties.

Real estate investing has long been thought of as one of the easiest investments a person can get into. Traditionally most investors need a basic understanding of factors and risks. After they have this basic form of real estate education they can begin buying properties, which ideally generate steady income, which is then used to buy more property.

However, building these establishments is much harder than the initial investing because of the risk involved.  While many developers have been trying to launch crowdfunding campaigns, most investors can’t deny that crowdfunding especially in a real estate investment is very risky. This risk is mainly caused by the uncertainty of whether an apartment, residential, or commercial establishment is going to be successful. To be able to feel confident in such an investment an investor would need to have an understanding of the market they are looking to invest in. However, StraightUp may be about to change all of that. HAP Ventures claims that StraightUp will provide investors with “no bull” investing and will provide transparency to its investors by providing “straight talk.”

The principle StraightUp operates by is “skin in the game” investing. Essentially this means that the firm will invest in a property alongside individual backers, making the company and the investors’ interest aligned.  Another benefit StraightUp offers is that the developers of properties on StraightUp will be required to maintain a certain equity stake up until the project is finished. StraightUp also offers access to an in-depth analysis of the projects an investor is supporting. This analysis will include the ability to run a sensitivity analysis on anything having to do with the upcoming property.

StraightUp offers Real Estate Developers access to a wider audience of investors and offers to act as the investor representative, update investors on the project status, address questions and concerns, and distribute returns.

An investor can easily register to Straightup by going to straight-up.com and entering your email and mobile number. A verification number will be sent to you, which you must enter, and after that, you simply set up your account. Real estate developers may register their properties with the site by contacting the company and giving their name, company, name, and email address.

HAP Venture’s founders have deep expertise in the Urban market and are using this expertise to expand StraightUp and help it become the leader in real estate crowdfunding. The Platform’s reign is beginning in New York City, where it will surely change and add to the industry.