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DCT Capital Fund is a leading source to guide investors through an ever-changing real estate market.
We create opportunities that help them obtain the most out of their investment.

Enter The DCT Capital Fund Platform
to See the Opportunity and Invest Confidently.

The DCT online investing experience is for those seeking investment
opportunities to gain financial freedom through real estate investing!

Intuitive Video Modules
& Investor Education!

Inside the platform, real estate investors will gain access to DCT Capital Fund’s forward-thinking investing solutions and investment strategies.

Investment Strategy

Learn about our investing strategy.

DCT Freedom Plan

Gain knowledge in unique real estate investment opportunities & tools.
Learn how you can benefit from this hands-free approach to investing.

How it works.

The Fund allows investors to become equity holders in real estate opportunities. Through the use of the platform, investors can browse and screen real estate investments, view details of an investment, submit initial investment, & sign legal documents online.

Create an account

A DCT Capital Fund membership is free. The DCT Capital Fund marketplace gives you insider access to invest in real estate that is pre-screened by the DCT Capital Fund team.

Select an investment

Once inside the platform, you can browse the online forum and learn about specific investments. For every opportunity, there is detailed project information analysis.

Execute investment documents

Once you decide which investment you are interested in, you can easily and securely sign legal paperwork online and submit payment for your investment.

Funding Process

To finalize your investment, the full amount for the opportunity must be reached. DCT Capital Fund will keep you up to date via email and your investor dashboard.

Funds Reached

You are officially an investor and will receive updates and your cash distributions. You will have access to the platform to watch how your money is working!

Invest Again

The best part about the DCT Capital Fund platform is that projects are always kept up-to-date and new projects are continuously listed for investors to join in again!

Our projects.

DCT Capital Fund is proficient in developing all types of housing, which establishes
the business as one well-versed in real estate & property management.

Extensive Research

The extensive research and planning behind the DCT Capital Fund properties positions them in the market for maximum success!

Project Management

Deal acquisition, project construction, and transaction management are all handled by DCT Capital Fund for a hands-free experience!

Customer Service

DCT Capital Fund provides the highest quality service to its investors that is backed by DCT Capital Fund’s powerful, proven business model!

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