How to Prepare the Next Generation to Manage Your Legacy

October 15, 2018
Posted in Insights
October 15, 2018 DCT Capital Fund

Many families find it difficult to educate their children on how to manage their inherited wealth responsibly. It is crucial to take the time to have discussions about managing wealth, so when the time comes, the next generation is prepared to maintain a compiled wealth. A new generation of millennials depends on the right guidance to prepare for financial independence. It is up to modern families to establish the best approach towards giving the next generation knowledge of what to do in order to maintain wealth. While each family shares different outlooks and goals, it is still essential for families to make time for financial discussions with their children when the time comes. The information below provides practices that real successful families utilize to maintain their legacy.

Be Transparent

While it is true that every family is unique in how they approach financial discussions, that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t trends that every family can utilize as a start. For instance, one tip that successful financial planners always use is to be transparent and honest. When the time comes, have open discussions and allow the younger generation to have input on finances. Of course, it is vital to have these conversations when and only when the child has the maturity to absorb this information. The conversation doesn’t have to be extremely stern; it just needs to be insightful enough to educate children on how elements of financial planning matters. Parents who have these open discussions with their children are more likely to have children who succeed with their financial goals.

Include Your Children

Having children that have a feeling of ownership towards the family’s financial goals can be a powerful tool for motivation. Part of the objective should be on keeping children on track by delivering a learning environment so that they are prepared to create a better future for themselves. The objective is a team effort and wealth that continues to flourish from generation to generation is established from families who approach financial discussions as such. Inheritors who are involved with the family’s vision early on are more likely to maintain it in the future.

Consider a Firm

CIBC Private Wealth Management is one type of firm that has programs dedicated to helping younger generations prepare for wealth management and is a good option for families looking for a place to start planning. Wealth advisors can also contribute to moderate financial discussions and help give families a better understanding of how wealth management works. These discussions are particularly beneficial to younger members of the family who might be unfamiliar with how much of the process works. Ultimately, a family whose focus is to keep the family legacy alive, approach the younger generation and educate them by the culture of the family. Whether the discussions are open and transparent, or more low-profile, keeping millennials knowledge up to date is the most critical aspect of keeping a wealth legacy alive.