Everyday People Can Invest in These Three Ways

February 4, 2018
Posted in Insights
February 4, 2018 DCT Capital Fund

Information on serious social issues has become more accessible to people than ever before. It’s not just the wealthy and accredited investors who are making headway in tackling injustice issues anymore. A barrier remains, however, that negates individuals from investing in a cause. Due to the notion that since they are not extremely wealthy, people believe their contributions will have little to no effect for positive change unless it means breaking the bank.

The truth is consumers do have the ability to make meaningful change. It is more than possible to invest in organizations that are doing good work and attempting to make a difference.

These three ways allow people to be actively involved:

1)    Crowdfunding

–    The continuing changes in technology have allowed for the Internet to be used in a variety of ways. One funding option that has come about is crowdfunding. This way allows for consumers, who want to support a distinct cause or small business, to donate any monetary amount they choose into fundraising platforms. These models include IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe. Crowdfunding can be used for causes and initiatives of any caliber, allowing for flexibility for both individuals and groups to set terms of their raise, retain control of the project, and open up to any potential backers. It’s a way to maintain sustainable revenue and make consumers feel their investment is going toward something of value.

2)    Regulation A

–    With crowdfunding options becoming a staple on the Internet, President Obama passed a bi-partisan legislation that supports entrepreneurship by allowing non-accredited investors to participate in early-stage investments, subject to SEC review. This legislation, Regulation A, continues on the freedom and flexibility being offered thanks to crowdfunding and provides another way for consumers to invest without being extremely wealthy.

3)    Invest Time

–    Time is the ultimate resource. Donating money is not the only way to contribute to changing the world. Volunteering at schools, libraries, and animal shelters are all positive actions that can create a great impact. Research causes that matter to you and finds what you can do to contribute. All organizations, profit and non-profit, rely on dedicated individuals to help lead them to success and positive world change. Your voice is often more powerful than any dollar.

Money is not the only meaningful way to support a cause. It is up to you to stay informed, be aware of what your country is involved in, and know all the options awarded to you. The impact one person can have on a human or animal life is life changing. Be a part of a greater good.