The Top Three Crowdfunding Investment Platforms You Should Crowd Around

April 11, 2018
Posted in Insights
April 11, 2018 DCT Capital Fund

Through the advent of crowdfunding, becoming an investor in virtually any type of start-up company is easier than it’s ever been. Equity funding platforms have put all of the most promising businesses and all of their information at our fingertips. These platforms have varying setups and investment structures, but they all have the goal of launching the next greatest startup. For investors, this means that now you have been the greatest opportunity that has ever existed to invest in a startup. Through various crowdfunding websites, you can browse through an array of businesses and decide for yourself which has the most potential. Below are just three of the most promising equity funding platforms.

  1. Indiegogo

Founded in 2007, Indiegogo quickly became one of the most popular and easy to use crowdfunding platforms. The website contains an infinite number of crowdfunding projects, but the site is best known for startups specializing in gadgets and technology.  Some of the most successful Indiegogo campaigns include the ONAGOfly smart drone, the Sonders THIN electric bike, and the popSLATE2.

What makes Indiegogo so unique? It’s one of the few platforms that provides its investors with initial coin offerings (ICOs) for new currencies, says Black Enterprise. This gives investors who missed out on Bitcoin and Ethereum a chance to invest in their future rivals.

  1. SeedInvest

Is a more conservative investment than Indiegogo simply because it filters startups that it wants to finance. The company accepts about 1% of the businesses that apply, which means investors are only shown budding businesses that have been highly vetted, and the chances of a promising return are much larger.

The minimum investment that can be made at SeedInvest is $500. The platform also offers investors a customizable auto invest program that allows for diversified investments in up to 25 startups.

  1. StraightUp

Real estate investing has always been a popular type of investment, but it used to require knowledge about a specific market to find out which properties were the most promising. While research and financial literacy are still required before any investment, StraightUp is making real estate investing much easier for those in New York. The platform was launched by HAP Ventures and is unique because the company invests with its clients. If a client decides to support the development of a property, StraightUp will follow that clients lead meaning the client and the company’s interests are aligned. This allows investors to gain access to great opportunities for a fraction of the risk. Real estate crowdfunding has never been safer or easier. For more information of StraightUp check out our previous blog.

There are many more equity funding platforms out there, but these are the top three in the field now. However, even if you decide to invest with another platform, it’s always a good idea to browse the top campaigns from these websites, so you can compare different startups and decide which one has the most potential.