The financial ecosystem that DCT Capital Fund incorporates into their business model is centered around creating a lifestyle uninhibited by one’s available capital. DCT Capital Fund aims to ensure that those who choose to invest see the maximum return possible, aligning DCT’s best interest with that of the investor.

68+ Years Industry Experience

DCT Capital Fund’s team has experts from all niches in the real estate industry, including property development and investing.

A Turnkey Investment Solution

DCT empowers investors to use the capital they have to make bold steps using sound real estate investments to achieve passive income stability.

Strategic Investment Advisors

DCT Capital Fund strategically advises those who are seeking financial freedom through its experience and integrated investment platform.

Our Vision.

DCT Capital Fund’s vision is to help investors create financial freedom
through investment opportunities that provide passive income.



The Fund strives to convey transparency to their investor so that the investor can invest confidently!



The fund offers investors an opportunity to establish steady streams of income to make a prosperous future.



Gain financial freedom through the creation of wealth with DCT Capital Fund’s investment opportunities.

Our Testimonials.

Hear what former and current clients and customers have to say
about their experience working with the DCT Capital Fund team.

The Team.

DCT Capital Fund’s expert team has over six decades’ worth of experience
in brokerage, investing, and real estate development ensuring that their
strategies minimize investment risks.

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Joseph Jackson

DCT Capital Fund

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Leonard Randolph

DCT Capital Fund


Kile Spelz

DCT Capital Fund


Derrick Vaughn

DCT Capital Fund

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Annette Buitrago

DCT Capital Fund


Hugo D. Aviles

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Dana Blick

DCT Capital Fund

Keep money in control
and in your pockets.

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